build a small multiple plot of the paris subway network
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Visualizing the Paris Subway Network

This project builds a small-multiple visualization of the Paris subway network.

You can read more about this project here.

Here is a low-res version of the output. Each point is a subway station. Each circle is a subway line (color is official line color and circle size is proportional to line number)

small multiple representation of Paris subway network

You should download the code and run it yourself to get a higher image resolution or a .pdf output.

Running the code

Requires Python > 3.3.

$ git clone
$ cd Paris_Subway_Dataviz
$ make install
$ make pipeline

Pipeline steps

  • get the list of stations and lines from wikipedia
  • for each line: get the color of the line by looking at the proper div in it's own wikipedia page
  • create image from the collected dataset

Intermediate (.csv files) and final (.png and .pdf images) are stored in data/ and are not committed to the repository.