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This is the source code for the Newsletter project. The live website is hosted by github.



I use gulp to run the website locally and deploy it to github.

Checking that the website works

# Run local temporary version
$ gulp serve
# Build actual website
$ gulp build
# Run built version
$ gulp serve:dist


I rely on github pages to host the website. I use the gulp-gh-pages tool to deploy the website to the github-page branch of the repository. When the built website works properly, you have to

  • modify src/index.html to match the deployment state
  • build the website again
  • deploy

Here is how the html should be modified:

    <!-- version dist github -->
    <!-- <base href="/newsletter/"> -->
    <!-- version locale -->
    <base href="/">

Here are the commands to deploy:

 # Assuming src/index.html was properly changed
 # Build the website again
 $ gulp build
 # Don't try to `gulp serve:dist` at this point
 # deploy
 $ gulp deploy

Building data

I created a Python script to parse an ensemble of .docx files and convert them to a specific JSON format. The script is launched with a bash script:

$ bash

Parameters of the Python script are in newsletter_builder/application/config.ini. The generated JSON files are to be placed in src/data/

Note: the Python project uses absolute imports and assumes that this project was added to the $PYTHONPATH.