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If you are contributing to the Open Source for the first time, You can check out First Time Contributors Guide

Local Setup

  • Fork the repository
  • git clone${yourUsername}/dev-social-badge
  • cd dev-social-badge

Sending Pull Request

  • Create a branch in your forked repository with a relevant name
  • Push your changes to the branch
  • Create a pull request from your branch to master of my repository.

First-time Contributors Guide

  • You can checkout the Issues and select the one that you like (You can comment on issue to let me know that you are working on it.)
  • There are issues with the label Difficulty: Easy which are easier to solve compared to the other issues. Though if you know JavaScript well you can solve Difficulty: Medium and Difficulty: Hard issues as well.
  • Just go through the Local Setup Guide to locally setup the project
  • Once you are done making changes you can create a Pull Request to the master of this ( repository.