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  • Remove old minified files


  • Forgot to build when published


  • #27 Binary and decimal bytes. Thanks @clayzermk1 and @Graham42
  • #26 Jshint improvemnents. Thanks @baer and @Graham42
  • Fixes french ordinal. Thanks @BenjaminVanRyseghem
  • #32 Use svg instead of png to get better image quality. Thanks @PeterDaveHello
  • #33 Correct culture code for Español. Thanks @maheshsenni
  • #34 Clean up locales info. Thanks @Graham42
  • #36 Improve dist/ layout. Thanks @Graham42
  • #35 Correct Polish currency symbol. Thanks @Graham42
  • Fixes Swedish tests. Thanks @BenjaminVanRyseghem
  • Fixes inconsistent white spaces. Thanks @BenjaminVanRyseghem
  • #44 Tests for culture code format. Thanks @maheshsenni
  • #50 added en-ZA language. Thanks @stewart42


  • Fixes minified version number. Thanks @BenjaminVanRyseghem
  • Removes old minified files. Thanks @Graham42


  • Adds languages to expose all registered languages. Thanks @NicolasPetton
  • Adds support for filipino. Thanks @Graham42 and @mjmaix
  • Adds support for farsi. Thanks @Graham42 and @neo13


  • Improves release process. Thanks @Graham42
  • Updates the README file. Thanks @Graham42
  • Fixes Danish currency symbol. Thanks @Graham42 and @philostler
  • Fixes npm/bower dependencies. Thanks @BenjaminVanRyseghem
  • Cleans up Numeral-js leftovers. Thanks @uniphil
  • Updates homepage url. Thanks @BenjaminVanRyseghem
  • Rebases on Numeraljs to keep git history. Thanks @uniphil @Graham42


Fork numeraljs v1.5.3, renaming everything to numbro

For changes before numbro forked numeral-js, see