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postprocessing script for animes (to use with sabnzbd+ or nzbget or even as stand alone) to rename files after a sync with files can additionally be renamed via tvdb
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Postprocessing Script for Anime

This script will hash your downloaded Anime from SABnzbd+ or NZBGet and sync it with your account. The file will be renamed and moved to your specified target-directory.


To use the script, extract the zip into your sabnzbd script folder and select as your post processing script in your anime category.


First, rename anime.cfg.default to anime.cfg

You have to enter your anidb username and password into the config file. Also you have to modify the target directory in the config file to tell the script, where your anime folder is. (the script will copy the files to a directory with the name of the anime in that folder.)


config fielddescription
usernameyour username
passwordyour password
suffixonly files with these suffix will be processed
directorytarget directory to copy your files to (every anime will get its own sub directory)
directorymovietarget directory to copy non-tvdb movies (every anime movie will get its own sub directory)


config fielddescription
hosthostname or ip for plex media server (if this is empty, plex update is disabled)
sectionswhich section of your plex media server should be updated (if more than one, separate by comma)? if this is empty, all sections will be updated


config fielddescription
hosthostname or ip for xbmc (if this is empty, xbmc update is disabled)
portport of your xbmc
userusername for xbmc
passwordpassword for xbmc
pathlibrary path for updating only the added anime (leave empty to force update of whole library). If more than one episode is added, the whole library will be scanned.


config fielddescription
tvformatrename pattern for tv shows (see below for tags)
movieformatrename pattern for movies (see below for tags)
ovaformatrename pattern for ova (see below for tags)
foldernamenaming pattern for anime-subfolder (only used when moving file)
foldernamemovienaming pattern for anime movie subfolder (only used when moving file)
TVDBEpisodeFormatrename pattern for Episodes, when using TVDB (see below for tags)
TVDBFolderNamerename pattern for Folder, when using TVDB (see below for tags)
TVDBSeasonFolderrename pattern for Season Folder, when using TVDB (see below for tags)
TVDBSpecialsFolderrename pattern for Specials Folder, when using TVDB (see below for tags)


config fieldhelp
nzbtoanidb_switchesdefines, what should do (see below for switches)

Note: If you use the delete option to delete the sourcefolder after moving, external sub-files will be lost!

Tags for renaming:

%ATr%: Anime Name (Romaji)
%ATe%: Anime Name (English)
%ATk%: Anime Name (Kanji)

%ETr%: Episode title (romaji)
%ETe%: Episode title (english)
%ETk%: Episode title (kanji)

%GTs%: Group Name (short)
%GTl%: Group Name (long)

%EpHiNo%: Highest (subbed) episode number
%EpCount%: Anime Episode count
%AYearBegin%: The beginning year of the anime
%AYearEnd%:  The ending year of the anime

%EpNo%: File's Episode number

%Type%: Anime type, Value: Movie, TV, OVA, Web
%Depr%: File is deprecated if the value is '1'
%Cen%: File is censored if the value is '1'
%Ver%: File version
%Source%: Where the file came from (HDTV, DTV, WWW, etc)
%Quality%: How good the quality of the file is (Very Good, Good, Eye Cancer)
%CurrentFN%: Current Filename
%FCrc% : The file's crc
%FCRC%: The file's crc in upper letters
%FVideoRes%: Video Resolution (e.g. 1920x1080)
%FALng%: List of available audio languages
%FSLng%: List of available subtitle languages
%FACodec%: Codecs used for the Audiostreams
%FVCodec%: Codecs used for the Videostreams
%suf%: File Suffix

Only for TVDB:

%TSTe%: TVDB Anime name
%TETe%: TVDB episode title
%TS%: TVDB Season
%TE%: TVDB Episode Number
%TSE%: TVDB Season/Episode Combination (like S01E12) has several commandline arguments:

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -u USERNAME, --username=USERNAME
                        AniDB username.
  -p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
                        AniDB password.
  -r, --recursive       Recurse into directories.
  -s SUFFIX, --suffix=SUFFIX
                        File suffix for recursive matching.
  -c, --no-cache        Do not use cached values.
  -t, --tvdb            Use TVDB
  -l, --multihash       Calculate additional checksums.
  -i, --identify        Identify files.
  -a, --add             Add files to mylist.
  -w, --watched         Mark files watched.
  -n, --rename          Rename files.
  -m, --move            Move Files
  -x, --delete          Delete Folders after moving files
  -d DIRECTORY, --directory=DIRECTORY
                        Target parent directory.
  -k DIRECTORY, --directory-movie=DIRECTORY
                        Target parent directory for anime movies.
  -o, --no-color        Disable color output.
  -y, --update          Refresh Media Server (Plex or XBMC)
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