The Doomsday Library is a collection of archived obsolete articles about Doomsday storm combo
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The Doomsday Library

The Doomsday Library is a collection of archived articles that have become obsolete, for example due to the format evolving, or because certain cards have been banned.

This repository, and all of its contents, is licensed under CC-BY-4.0

Why have an archive?

The idea is to store the information for when it may become useful again at some point in the future, or when someone would like to study how older versions of the deck functioned. Perhaps to recycle some old ideas for new tech when needed.

Important Notice:
  *All the articles in this repository are considered obsolete*

Where do I find up to date info on Doomsday?

For info on the current version of the Doomsday storm combo deck in Legacy, you should look at the Doomsday Codex.