Provides a bridge between android and a linux system using android accessory protocol
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AAP bridge

The Android Accessory Bridge allows communication between a android device and a d-bus application on a Linux system using the android accessory protocol.

The project consist of two parts. A Android library and a accessory application (AAP-bridge, running on linux).


The Accessory map contains two eclipse/autotool projects. Make sure to read dependencies.txt and run ./ to bootstrap the autotools projects. Both projects contain a generic INSTALL file detailing further installing instructions. The payloads map contains applications which have a d-bus interface, these applications are used for testing and demonstration purposes.

  • /Accessory/dependencies.txt
  • /Accessory/AndroidAccessory/
  • /Accessory/AAP-Bridge/
  • /Accessory/Payloads/

AAP-Bridge managed the communication from android and the d-bus on the local system. It uses AndroidAccessory for the communication between the Android system. AndroidAccessory is a Library which implements the android accessory protocol on Linux.


  • /Android/libAndroidAccessoryBridge/
  • /Android/Remote Dbus/
  • /Android/MediaRemote/
  • /Android/WeatherCapeReader/
  • /Android/D-Finger/
  • /Android/UnitTestlibAAB/

The Accessory map contains the library for communicating to the remote d-bus. In addition to this it contains several example projects. All examples use the libAndroidAccessoryBridge library to call d-bus function and listen to d-bus signals. Android studio is used as the IDE.

All examples use the default configuration for AAP-Bridge except for MediaRemote.

MediaRemote example

Use the AAP-Bridge configuration file found in /Accessory/AAP-Bridge/AAP-Bridge.MediaRemote.config. MediaRemote connects to Rhythmbox using a d-bus interface. Rhythmbox is the payload in this situation and should be running beforehand.

D-finger example

D-finger tries to mimic D-feet's ability to query the d-bus and view all object paths.

Remote Dbus example

Remote Dbus can be used to send arbitrary d-bus function calls and listen to arbitrary d-bus signals.

WeatherCapeReader example

WeatherCapeReader is designed to read the sensor values from a beaglebone's weathercape. The payload /AAP-Bridge/Accessory/Payloads/ should be running on the beaglebone.

Unit test

The UnitTestlibAAB project is used for unit testing. The payload /AAP-Bridge/Accessory/Payloads/ should be running for all unit tests to pass. More information about unit testing can be found in the package description for nl.ict.aapbridge.test.