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An open source framework for CloudKit written in Swift and inspired by Apple's CloudKit framework. OpenCloudKit is backed by CloudKit Web Services and is designed to allow easy CloudKit integration into Swift Servers whilst being familiar for developers who have experience with CloudKit on Apple's platforms.


  • Fully featured wrapper around CloudKit Web Services
  • Same API as Apple's CloudKit
  • Supports all major operations supported by Apple’s CloudKit Framework
  • Server-to-Server Key Auth Support


Swift Package Manager

Add the following to dependencies in your Package.swift.

.Package(url: "", majorVersion: 0, minor: 5)

Or create the 'Package.swift' file for your project and add the following:

import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
	dependencies: [
		.Package(url: "", majorVersion: 0, minor: 5),

Getting Started

Configure OpenCloudKit

Configuring OpenCloudKit is similar to configuring CloudKitJS. Use the CloudKit.shared.configure(with: CKConfig) method to config OpenCloudKit with a CKConfig instance.

JSON configuration file

You can store CloudKit configuration in a JSON file

// API Token Config
    "containers": [{
        "containerIdentifier": "[insert your container ID here]",
        "apiTokenAuth": {
            "apiToken": "[insert your API token and other authentication properties here]"
        "environment": "development"

// Server-to-Server Config
    "containers": [{
        "containerIdentifier": "[Container ID]",
        "serverToServerKeyAuth": {
            "keyID": "[Key ID]",
        "environment": "development"

Initialize a CKConfig from JSON file, OpenCloudKit supports the same structure as CloudKit JS

let config = CKConfig(contentsOfFile: "config.json")

Manual Configuration

Below is an example of building a CKConfig manually

let serverKeyAuth = CKServerToServerKeyAuth(keyID: "[KEY ID]",privateKeyFile: "eckey.pem")
let defaultContainerConfig = CKContainerConfig(containerIdentifier: "[CONTAINER ID]", environment: .development, serverToServerKeyAuth: serverKeyAuth)
let config = CKConfig(containers: [defaultContainerConfig])

CloudKit.shared.configure(with: config)

Working with OpenCloudKit

Get the database in your app’s default container

let container = CKContainer.default()
let database = container.publicCloudDatabase

Creating a record

let movieRecord = CKRecord(recordType: "Movie")
movieRecord["title"] = "Finding Dory"
movieRecord["directors"] = NSArray(array: ["Andrew Stanton", "Angus MacLane"])

Saving a record movieRecord) { (movieRecord, error) in
    if let savedRecord = movieRecord {
        // Insert Successfully saved record code

    } else if let error = error {
        // Insert error handling