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#CHIMEHACK 2015: ReaXn

ReaXn enables women to react to dangerous situations in one-step via mobile devices


Our team identified a common pattern with existing women’s safety apps: excellent features exist for alerts, messages, location tracking and 911 calls - but they all lack quick one-step access to preconfigured actions so that women can react immediately when in danger. That’s where ReaXn comes in.

How ReaXn works

ReaXn’s iOS prototype allows a user to knock on their phone, without taking it out of their pocket, and send a message alert to anyone. The receiver, content, and other information are pre-configured so reacting is truly a one-step action.


  • Product: Providing tangible value without reinventing the wheel.
  • Design: Creating a minimal, user-friendly yet eye-catching design.
  • Engineering: Making texts/calls through Twilio, by-passing the iOS lock screen to enable direct actions when device is knocked on, creating an API for our features.

What we learned

  • Connect complex global issues with technology and design.
  • Work in a team, split up tasks, and communicate with people we just met.
  • Use existing iOS knowledge creatively to provide easy usage.

What's next for ReaXn

  • Provide more safety features, and more quick-access means
  • Create an API for iOS and Android for any app to extend our quick-access features.

Created by Ben Reynolds, Dhruv Purushottam, Kevin Chen, Luna Chen, and Sonny Li.


ReaXn enables women to react to dangerous situations in one-step via mobile devices - #CHIMEHACK 2015 winning project




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