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# Copyright (c) 2009 Benoy R Nair. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file

Use "godbc" to connect to any database (that supports ODBC interface) using Go.

Requires unixODBC (godbc makes use of libodbc)

Sample Program
A sample go file (example.go) using godbc is provided along with.

The program does the following:
1. Lists the data sources registered in the system
2. Lists the drivers installed
3. Connect to a data source
4. Detail errors returned from the database
5. Get database info/ properties
6. Fetch and print the tables in the database
7. Close database connections and free resources

1. Extend the go library to cover the entire ODBC specification.
2. Check for multi threading support.
3. Prepare detailed documentation.