Expandable Minecraft Spigot plugin for island-type games like SkyBlock or AcidIsland.
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BentoBox is an expandable Minecraft 1.13+ Spigot plugin for island-type games like SkyBlock or AcidIsland.

About BentoBox


ASkyBlock and AcidIsland were originally created by tastybento. These two plugins were sharing the same codebase, which grew fastly but ultimately became hard to maintain. Poslovitch was running a Skyblock server before starting to contribute regularly on ASkyBlock's codebase.

Then came the idea of completely rewriting ASkyBlock. A turning point that would be called BSkyBlock. In May 2017, tastybento agreed to the idea, and Poslovitch and him spent more time developing the code of the plugin which would become BentoBox. During summer 2018, ASkyBlock's support got dropped and development was focused on the now called plugin BentoBox, which would then take over ASkyBlock and AcidIsland for 1.13+ servers.


BentoBox introduces a unique Addon system and a powerful API which allows for a technically unlimited customization of the gamemodes. Therefore, BentoBox does nothing on its own: addons and gamemodes are bringing the features.

BentoBox being totally free and open-sourced, we are confident in seeing this platform grow and become even more powerful in the future.

Start now to create the server you've dreamed of!


These include some popular Gamemodes:

  • BSkyBlock: the successor to the popular ASkyBlock.
  • AcidIsland: you are marooned in a sea of acid!

And these include Addons that are bringing incredible new features, such as:

  • Level: calculate your island level and show a top ten.
  • Challenges: gives you challenges to accomplish.
  • WarpSigns: enables players to plant a warp sign and visit other player's islands.

And there are plenty of other official or community-made Addons you can try and use for your server!




A webtool is currently being developed to allow you to easily setup BentoBox and Addons on your server.

Direct links


  • Jenkins (untested and mostly unstable builds)

What about contributing?

BentoBox heavily relies on the community that gets involved in its development. You don't need to know any programming language to start helping us.

However, your contribution must be in agreement with:

Report bugs and suggest features

Bugs and feature requests must be filed on our issue tracker.

Pull requests

We consider Pull Requests from non-collaborators that contain actual code improvements or bug fixes. Do not submit PRs that only address code formatting because they will not be accepted.


BentoBox uses Maven, and its Maven repository is kindly provided by CodeMC.

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