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1.4.0 - Whistle of the Spring

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@Poslovitch Poslovitch released this 28 Mar 20:18
· 2139 commits to master since this release


It took us a month to come up with this release which doesn't, actually, contain all the features that were originally planned for it. Therefore, this is pretty much a bug-fix / stability improvements release, yet with a bunch of small improvements.

Ahem... And you must update your gamemodes addons. [Edit - all game modes are now updated to 1.4.0]




  • ⚠️ may break parts of the API.
  • 🔡 locale files may need to be regenerated or updated.
  • ⚙️ config options have been removed, renamed or added.
  • 🔺 special attention needed.



  1. Added #unregisterPlaceholder(String placeholder) and #unregisterPlaceholder(Addon addon, String placeholder) in PlaceholdersManager (#592).
  2. ⚠️ Made Island#getCenter() return a clone of the location (#591 (comment)).
  3. 🔡 Added AdminSchemListCommand to display a list of schems in chat (#563).
  4. 🔡 Added IslandExpelCommand (#524).

Feature / Tweaks

  1. Players with admin.noban permission cannot be banned (#590, @YellowZaki).
  2. Prevent ender crystals from being hit (#589).
  3. 🔡 Added OFFLINE_GROWTH WORLD_SETTING flag to prevent crops from growing while island members are offline (#580).
  4. Added ability for ops to adjust any island settings, including spawn island (#599).
  5. Improved islands asynchronous deletion from database (#591, #605).
  6. Prevented dragon eggs from teleporting outside of protection range (#558).
  7. Made podzol yield podzol when broken if coarse dirt tilling is denied (#613).
  8. Made some setting save to config.yml when they are changed while the server is running (#614, #615).
  9. 🔡 ⚙️ Added ability for admins to hide some flags (#617). To do so, either add the flag to the hidden-flags list of the gamemode's config; or open the settings panel and shift click on the flags you want to hide.
  10. Made addons opt-in by default to addons metrics.
  11. Added a bunch of placeholders that get automatically registered to every GameModeAddon (#322, #616): bentobox_[gamemode]-world-friendlyname, bentobox_[gamemode]-island-distance, bentobox_[gamemode]-island-protection-range, bentobox_[gamemode]-island-owner, bentobox_[gamemode]-island-creation-date, bentobox_[gamemode]-island-spawnpoint, bentobox_[gamemode]-island-name.
  12. BentoBox no longer refuses to launch on incompatible servers (#619).
  13. Added Akarin (as NOT_SUPPORTED) and GLOWSTONE (as INCOMPATIBLE) in server compatibility check (#620, @Remu1012).


  1. Improved code in IslandRespawnListener (#587, @Sxtanna).
  2. Fixed IslandEnterEvent and IslandExitEvent not being called if the ENTER_EXIT_MESSAGES flag was set to false.
  3. Fixed island protection range resetting if player does not have a range permission (#484).
  4. Fixed NPE when going through a non-Bentobox world portal (#583).
  5. Fixed tridents or arrows being removed if PVP was disabled (#597).
  6. Fixed code smells.
  7. Fixed ArrayOutOfBoundsException in admin delete command (#600, @BONNe).
  8. Fixed MILKING flag not protecting milking Mooshrooms (#602, @BONNe).
  9. Fixed handling of Phantoms, Pufferfishes and a few other mobs which was being inconsistent (#595, @BONNe).
  10. Fixed most of the "overlapping islands" issues (#591).
  11. Added some defensive code.
  12. Fixed teleportation when the player was in some types of boat (#606).
  13. Fixed coop'd or trusted being able to use the sethome command on other islands (#588).
  14. Fixed /bbox version causing errors (#608).
  15. Fixed item frames that could be placed on any island (#610).