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Biomes Addon

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Biomes addon for SkyBlock, SkyGrid, CaveBlock and AcidIsland. It allows island biome changing.

Where to find

Download the latest release from the BentoBox Downloads site ( or you can try snapshot builds where you can check and test new features that will be implemented in next release from Jenkins Server.

If you like this addon but something is missing or is not working as you want, you can always submit an Issue request or get a support in Discord BentoBox icon

More information about the Biomes Addon you can find here: Wiki Biomes


As most of BentoBox projects, Biomes Addon is translatable in any language. Everyone can contribute, and translate some parts of the addon in their language via GitLocalize. If your language is not in the list, please contact to developers via Discord and it will be added there.

How to use

  1. Place the addon jar in the addons folder of the BentoBox plugin
  2. Restart the server
  3. The addon will create a data folder and inside the folder will be a config.yml and an example biomesTemplate.yml
  4. Edit the config.yml and biomesTemplate.yml files how you want. The biomesTemplate.yml is for importing only.
  5. Restart the server


After the addon is successful installed, it will create a config.yml file. Every option in this file comes with comments. Please check the file for more information. Most options are also editable admin via commands.


This file contains all necessary information about default biomes. If you change values in biomes.yml, then to apply them, you must run /bsb biomes import or /acid biomes import.

If you want to force an overwrite of the biomes via an import, add the overwrite option to the end of the import command. Note that you must import biomes into both BSkyBlock and AcidIsland separately.

User commands

Users can access to biomes addon commands with /[gamemode] biomes command. By default for BSkyBlock it is /island biomes, for AcidIsland - /ai biomes, for CaveBlock - /cave biomes, for SkyGrid - /sg biomes.

  • /is biomes: This method opens GUI that allows to change biome on User island.
  • /is biomes help: Show help for all the commands
  • /is biomes buy <biome>: This command allows to buy given biome.
  • /is biomes set <biome> [<type>] [<size>]: This command allows to change biome on island without opening GUI. If prarameters < type> and < size> are not provided, command uses default values from addon config.

Admin commands

There are a few admin commands and more being written. The main biomes admin command is /bsb biomes, /cba biomes, /sgadmin biomes & /acid biomes. Use

  • /bsbadmin biomes: To open Admin GUI.
  • /bsbadmin biomes help : Show help for all the commands
  • /bsbadmin biomes import <file>: import biomes from biomes.yml
  • /bsbadmin biomes set <player> <biome> [<type>] [<size>]: This command works the same as user biome set command, but it is necessary to provide also player, which island biome will be updated.
  • /bsbadmin biomes unlock <player> <biome> [true]: This command unlocks passed biome to a player island..


{GameModePrefix} is permission prefix for each Game Mode addon. F.e. BSkyBlock addon permission prefix is 'bskyblock' but AcidIsland permission prefix is 'acidisland'.

User permissions:
  • {GameModePrefix}.biomes: player can use biomes command that opens GUI.
  • {GameModePrefix} player can use biomes buy command.
  • {GameModePrefix}.biomes.set: player can use biomes set command.
Admin permissions:
  • {GameModePrefix}.admin.biomes: player can use admin biomes command that opens GUI.