Island-game Minecraft plugin platform. Features BSkyBlock and AcidIsland
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BentoBox is an expandable Minecraft Bukkit plugin for island-type games like SkyBlock or AcidIsland. Admins can assemble the game or games how they like with a variety of add-ons. These include:

  • BSkyBlock - the successor to the popular ASkyBlock. Don't fall!
  • AcidIsland - you are marooned in a sea of acid!
  • Level - an add-on to calculate your island level and show a top ten
  • Challenges - an add-on that gives you challenges to accomplish
  • Welcome WarpSigns - an add-on that enables players to plant a warp sign

Bentobox represents a turning point on ASkyBlock's history : Tastybento and Poslovitch thought up and designed this complete rewrite in order to provide a whole new way to play Skyblock and other island-style games.


BentoBox and all subsequent addons made by the BentoBoxWorld team are being developped as a hobby without receiving any kind of remuneration. You will never have to pay to download BentoBox or any addon created by the BentoBoxWorld team or to get access to the source code.

Hereby, you and only you are wrong when you :

  • insist that we should fix a bug within an irrational period of time;
  • behave rudely;
  • are asking for support whereas solutions have already been given or are easily accessible;

Bugs and Feature requests

File bug and feature requests here: Make sure that your issue is following the guidelines, otherwise it will be declined.

Note for developers

We consider Pull Requests from non-collaborators that contain actual code improvements or bug fixes. Do not submit PRs that only address code formatting because they will not be accepted.

Official Builds

Development Builds

These development builds are not eligible to any kind of support. Use them at your own discretion or only under our approval. Most of them are untested. In the worst cases, they can even corrupt your worlds and/or your databases.



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