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JavaScript language definition for TextMate and SublimeText2
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Better JavaScript language definition for TextMate and SublimeText. This builds on the language files commonly used and adds more fine grained matching and also includes new features from ECMAScript 6 like modules, succinct methods, arrow functions, classes, generators, and accessors (ES5).

Installation and Use

If you haven't already, install Package Control, then select JavaScript Next from the Package Control: Install Package dropdown list in the Command Palette.

To set this as your default JavaScript syntax, open a javascript file, then select View -> Syntax -> Open all with current extension as... -> JavascriptNext.

You may also need to change the ColorScheme. Pick one from Preferences -> Color Scheme -> JavaScriptNext.




Edit the yaml files with the YAML-XXX extensions, convert them to plist xml files, and send in a pull request. The easiest way to do this is by using AAAPackageDev. You can do all of the above without leaving sublime text.

YAML is used since it's a lot more compact and easier to edit than xml.

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