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djgrant commented Jul 17, 2015

HTML inside back-ticks is not highlighted.

screenshot 2015-07-17 11 53 06

dcsan commented Jul 30, 2015



I don't think template strings are restricted to html. How would you tell?


it couldn't, but it'd be great to add support for:

template: html```
<div class="el">
  <span id="name"></span>

where html is the extension (and also a function to compile the HTML).

That would allow it to work with jade, mustache and other templating languages.


Sorry for the long delay, but it's finally here :)

Feel free to comment if you have any issues.

@simonzack simonzack closed this Nov 25, 2015
jrburke commented Dec 14, 2015

Would it be OK to reopen this ticket, since the change was backed out because it seemed to cause #142? (Done in 8b50f46)

What seems to be needed is:

  • investigate why the change for this caused the errors in #142
  • any new patch needs to refreshed to take into account the rename of quasi => template-string done in #143

I am looking to land a similar change in the atom editor. There, I went for allowing a tag function name just ending in html|HTML|Html, to allow some variation to the name. I have used html, but this eslint lint plugin uses escapeHTML.

@simonzack simonzack reopened this Dec 15, 2015

I feel it's worth bringing up that nested string templates appear to have the same issue.

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