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node.js wrapper for wxWidgets
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node.js wrapper for wxWidgets.

Installation Linux

  • Download and install wxWidgets 2.9.3.
$ npm install wxnode

Quick Examples

var wx = require("wxnode");

var MyApp = wx.App.extend({
  onInit: function() {
    var location = new wx.Point(50, 50);
    var size = new wx.Size(450, 340);
    var frame = new MyFrame("Hello World", location, size);;
    return true;

var MyFrame = wx.Frame.extend({
  init: function(title, pos, size) {
    this._super(null, -1, title, pos, size);


  onClose: function(event) {

var app = new MyApp();;

Building wxWidgets

$ sudo apt-get install libwebkitgtk-dev
$ sudo ldconfig
$ ./configure --enable-webview --enable-webview-webkit && make
$ sudo make install

Creating wxapi.xml from wxWidgets

$ sudo apt-get install libwebkitgtk-dev
$ cd wxWidgets-2.9.3/docs/doxygen
$ ./ xml
$ cd ../..
$ ./configure --enable-webview --enable-webview-webkit
$ patch -p0 -i ~/wxNode/
$ patch -p0 -i ~/wxNode/strvararg.h.patch
$ cd utils/ifacecheck/
$ ./
$ cp wxapi.xml ~/wxNode/wxapi.xml
$ cd ~/wxNode
$ rm wxapi.json
$ rm -rf build
$ ./render-templates.js && ./mnm.js build
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