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Reversi Game Server in Java using TCP Sockets
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This projects acts as a platform to play the game reversi (or othello), though this version is slightly extended (it uses the concept of holes, check rules to learn more). The motiviation behind this is to create a platform which enables people to write AIs and compete with them against each other.

Getting Started

  1. Get Java and Ant
  2. Clone this repository:
    • ssh: git clone
    • https: git clone
  3. Build project with ant jar
  4. Go into directory bin/jar
  5. Run jar with java -jar reversi-server.jar [options]

Write a Client

If you want to write a client for this server I suggest you make yourself familiar with the rules of the game and read the network specification.


Please don't submit PRs to the master but instead to the dev branch.


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details



This project is based on a lab done in university in which we developed AIs to play against each other. However, we used an extremely extended version of the game - which this game is not. I kept this fairly simple (with the extension of hole, see rules for more) to enable people to jump right into developing the client without having to read a million rules beforehand.

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