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Star Traders Frontiers Crew Planner
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Star Traders Frontiers Crew Planner


To run the program, extract the STF_Planner and run the STF_Crew_Planner.exe. For this version the "Update" button lacks functionality and is intended for use in updating the database in future versions.

Select Your Ship!

Browse and customize from a large selection of ships and components.

Ship Gif

Select Your Crew!

Customize crew member jobs and ranks.

Crew Member Gif

Select Your Captain and Officers!

Create the Bridge crew of your dreams to maximize potential and synergy aboard your vessel.

Officer gif

Skill and Dice Pools

Displays the sum of crew and officer skills and calculates the dice pools for your ship.

Skill Dice Pool

Talent Search!

Browse talents based on Name/Job/Type to learn more about your favorite talents.

Talent Gif

Browse Small Crafts!

Study the stats and capabilities of these newly added small crafts.

Small Craft Gif


  • Form now populates from newly implemented game database
  • Plan Bridge Crew, up to 7 officers
  • Plan Ship Layout
  • Plan Non-officer Crew
  • See Dice Pools for Crew and Ship
  • See Ship Combat Dice Pools
  • See Card Reward Pools
  • Output to Text File
  • Output for forum post
  • Save/Load to XML
  • Search All Talents by Job, Type, or Description term
  • Browse All Ships
  • Browse All Components
  • Browse All Weapons
  • Browse All Small Crafts
  • Weapon Layout with range and damage


  • Show direct percentage blocked for Shields/Armour
  • Update Text output with table formats
  • Crew Combat display and output. Ranges, weapons, armor, talents
  • Implement update button to check database version to ensure updated values following game patches/updates



  • Added Exporter class to pull game data from game database
  • Exporter creates new resource files used to populate the form
  • Talent points are now correctly reflected for Captain vs other officers
  • Added Show Small Crafts button to display data for recently added crafts


  • Added Forum output option. Creates table data for easy output to TB forum
  • Updated ship component list to current in-game components
  • Updated for new job talents
  • Updated for new job ranks and character experience levels
  • Fixed a few bugs


  • Added Weapon Data and Browser
  • Added Weapon Layout during config and output
  • Added Engine data, engines now change to their correct stats
  • Added Ship Combat Pool calculations for display and output
  • Added Crew Dice Pools to output
  • Added Card Game Rewards from skills to output


  • Added Ship Configuration and planning
  • Added Crew Manifest and planning
  • Added Display for Ship dice pools
  • Updated Save/Load/Output for new data
  • Various small bug fixes


  • Added ability to configure up to 7 officers total
  • Sorted Selected talents by Job first, then Rank in output text and display fields
  • Reformatted output text to be tab-formatted and focused on readability
  • You may now clear job 2 or 3 by selecting 'None' on the dropdown
  • Changing your jobs or ranks will no longer lose all selected talents. It will retain any selected talents you can still have.


  • Added Talent Search Form. Search for Talents by type, job, or term in description.
  • Changed Talent related text fields to tab delimited for better readability
  • Changed Text Output to use tabs instead of spaces for spacing


  • New Color Scheme
  • Now user can load/save crews to XML file
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