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A preloader patcher that allows running BepInEx 4 plugins in BepInEx 5
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BepInEx 4 Upgrader patcher

This preloader patcher allows to use BepInEx 4 plugins in BepInEx 5.
The patcher works by automatically patching BepInEx 4 plugins before they are loaded by BepInEx.

How to use

  2. Remove BepInEx 4 and install BepInEx 5
  3. Put the downloaded plugin DLL into BepInEx/patchers
  4. Install your BepInEx 4 plugins just like you would in BepInEx 5 (DLLs into BepInEx folder, etc).
  5. Run the game normally


In case you don't like the original behaviour of BepInEx 4 (plugin DLLs are in BepInEx folder), you can edit BepInEx/config/bepinex4loader.cfg and set a custom folder for BepInEx 4 plugins.

NOTE: Some plugins might have been hardcoded to assume they are always in BepInEx root folder. As such, moving DLLs to a different folder might cause them to not be loaded.

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