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Create awesome responsive comparison tables.
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Table Maker 2

  • Contributors: wpsoul
  • Tags: responsive tables, pricing tables, comparison tables, wordpress tables, table maker, top list table, pricing table maker, table generator, price comparison
  • Donate link:
  • Requires at least: 3.0
  • Tested up to: 4.9.6
  • Stable tag: 1.9.2

Create awesome responsive comparison tables.


Plugin helps you to create different comparison tables. It has some unique functions which allow you to use plugin to create different type of awesome tables: comparison tables, TOP tables, specification tables, etc. Table looks awesome with adding data as rows and as columns.

Demo of some tables of plugin


  • Responsive option (stacks)
  • Predefined icons
  • Rows or cols lines
  • Option to mark first column for specification labels
  • Option to add labels and featured row and cols
  • Works with shortcodes
  • Option to add subheaders
  • Option to choose color of header
  • Great and simple design
  • Option to upload and use images
  • Optional center aligning
  • Export tables to XML. Import ones from XML/CSV

Additional functions
Our themes have some additional functions for plugin: buttons, text highlights, countdown, option to hide values from non logged users.

Check our theme if you need best moneymaking solutions.

How it works:

YouTube Demonstration

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  1. Use WordPress' plugin installer to install the plugin.
  2. Go to the admin panel and click on the Table Maker menu item.
  3. To create your first table click on the 'Add New' button.
  4. Once the table is ready add it to any post or page using the [wpsm_comparison_table id="1"] shortcode.

NOTICE. Before installing ver. 1.9.2. If you have old tables you can export them from ver. 1.9 and import to ver. 1.9.2 one by one.


= 1.9.3 =

  • Added checkbox option for MS Exel CSV files.

= 1.9.2 =

  • Fixed problem with Maria DB

= 1.9 =

  • Security improvements

= 1.7 =

  • Fixed DB table name
  • Fixed language template

= 1.6 =

  • Added responsive for columns of tables

= 1.5 =

  • Added import of table from CSV

= 1.4 =

  • Fix export/import for some hostings
  • Better icon compatibility and some css fixes
  • Small improvements in admin UI

= 1.3 =

  • Added export/import of table and some fixes

= 1.2 =

  • some fixes

= 1.1 =

  • Update readme and some fixes

= 1.0 =

  • Initial release
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