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LLVM Flang Testing Project


The Berkeley Lab Flang team develops tests for the LLVM-Project Flang Fortran compiler. Because of the paramount importance of parallelism in high-performance computing, we are focusing on Fortran’s parallel features, commonly denoted "Coarray Fortran."


  1. We are developing what we believe are the first exhaustive, open-source tests for the static semantics of Fortran 2018 parallel features.
  2. We are drafting a proposed Coarray Fortran runtime design document.
  3. A related effort involves writing runtime tests for parallel 2018 features and supporting those tests by developing a new parallel runtime library: the CoArray Fortran Framework of Efficient Interfaces to Network Environments (Caffeine).
  4. We add static semantic checks to Flang when we are able and when our tests reveal a need for additional support.

This LLVM-Project fork serves as our staging ground for new semantics tests and our other contributions, which ultimately get reviewed on the LLVM Phabricator site and then pushed to the main branch of the upstream LLVM-Project repository if approved on LLVM Fabricator.



We are tracking our progress in the following GitHub pages:

  1. Semantics tests for parallel features
  2. Semantic analysis in frontend
  3. Semantic tests for features used by Caffeine
  4. Runtime tests support for Fortran 2018 parallel features
  5. Runtime tests for type finalization
  6. Coarray Fortran runtime design document

Software Stack

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