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Scalable DMapper Generator

What is SDMapGen?

It is a code generator for mapping beans from an approach of simplicity of use, that is the reason for being integrated in Eclipse as a plugin.

Why SDMapGen?

Because it generates code while it is in development time, you can review the assignment and fine-tune it while coding, directly in Java and in the classes where it should be.

The coding of these mappings is tedious and a frequent source of errors, by automating it we can avoid both problems and allow us to focus on the most complex and important parts.

A common problem with mappers is that they require configuration files as the basis for mapping between classes, so we move the site problem, from Java to a configuration file without solving it completely.

SDMapGen is based on a minimal configuration, accessing to a class repository to resolve the dependencies, the source class and the target class. Of course the resultant code should be reviewed and, where appropriate, completed.

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