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Joomla! Admin submenu module for creating nested submenus

What is it?

Just a simple Joomla 1.7 back-end nested submenu module. It uses the same syntax as the Joomla module Admin Submenu to create a drop-down menu. This will only go as far as 3 nested menus. You can go further if you modify the Son of Suckerfish CSS.


Provide a programically easy way to create submenu system to display in the Joomla submenu position.


  • Separate CSS & JavaScript from content.
  • Change CSS to mimic native Joomla submenu.
  • Adhear to selected attribute and hidemainmenu.
  • Run the links through JRoute.
  • Probably a few other things that I've overlooked.

How do I use it?

  1. First go to the admin Module Manager
  2. Click Admin Nested Submenu
  3. Set Position to submenu
  4. Change the status to published
  5. Save & close.

In your component or helper file:

$menu = NestedSubMenuHelper::getInstance();
    $vName == 'home',
    array( // Here is the tricky part. This is an array of arrays that are your nested menus.
            $vName == 'home'
        ), // Another Array if you have more dropdowns you want to add

How do I build it?

Use phing to create install package and install it on your site.

Phing: If you don't have Phing installed, get it here. From the repository root:

phing -f build/build.xml

That should create an installable zip in your build dir.

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