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This module is intended to serve as a collection of ProcessWire fixes that can easily be enabled via checkboxes in the module's config. It is NOT intended to be a replacement for github issue reports or pull requests!

The idea is that we have a place where we can put fixes for issues that are not yet fixed in the core until they get properly fixed there.

It is also not my intention to put pressure on Ryan to fix issues quicker. The idea is that we have a place where we can share our fixes across projects and across users and maybe get a better feeling on the "impact" of different issues. The module could also make it easier for Ryan to test issue reports and the solutions provided by the community:

Intended Workflow

  • Identify an issue
  • Create the related files in the fixes folder of this module
  • Create a PR so that I can merge the fix and everybody can use/test/improve it
  • Create an issue in the official PW issues repo and link the fix in your description


Just add your fixes in the fixes folder and activate them in the config of this module (via checkbox). See the Foo example module how to add JS and CSS.


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