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  1. Uninstall the Eversense App (Warning: your local historical data (older than 1 week) will be lost!)
  2. Install the patched Eversense app (mod_com.senseonics.gen12androidapp-release.apk) and use it as described by the vendor
    • You need to enable installation of Apps from unknown sources
    • Start the Eversense App, login, connect to your transmitter and use it just like the normal app.
  3. Install esel.apk on your phone.
  4. Configuration:
    • Allow ESEL to run in the background (it will ask for it)
    • Upload to Nightscout: Activate "Send to NightScout" in the preferences. It needs a configured AndroidAPS with internal NSClient or NSClient itself installed on the same phone
    • Inter-App-Broadcasts: Activate "Send to AAPS and xDrip". In xDrip and/or AndroidAPS activate the input method "640g/Eversense".
    • "Smooth Data" applies a smoothing algorithm to the raw values and provides these smoothed values instead of the raw readings. Smoothing is per default disabled.
  5. Install xDrip: (Download latest APK)
    • Use as Datasource 640G / EverSense

If you run esel with a fresh installation of Eversense for the first time, it can take up to 15min until your first values appear in xDrip!

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