Quick start

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The easiest way to get started with OGRE is:

  • Install Apache Maven if you have not already done so
  • Download the latest source package from the Github repo.
  • Run the unit tests to make sure that everything works: open a shell, cd to the maven directory and type mvn test
  • Import the project into your favourite maven-compatible editor. I use Eclipse, with the mvn-eclipse plugin to add Maven support
  • Compile and run the demos-friendgraph module by invoking the com.berniecode.ogre.demos.friendgraph.ServerMain main class. See the source code for arguments
  • Read the architectural overview and OGRE white paper pages
  • Have a look through the source of demos-friendgraph to see how OGRE is used, especially the Main class that sets up the OGRE client and server

That's it! After you've made sure that OGRE works on your computer, try creating your own application.

Feel free to contact me if you hit any issues.