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Tabletop Simulator Knowledge Base

This is the source of the knowledge base in Tabletop Simulator. It uses a modified version of Material-Design for MKDocs.

How it Works

The .md files in the /docs folder are written in Markdown, which is an easy-to-use markup language to add formatting to text. Additionally, some custom CSS is used, as well as a handful of custom images. When making changes, it is possible to live-preview them as you go if you have set up the local files for mkdocs + material design.

Alternatively, you can make modifications to individual pages then submit them for review. The developers will always be the ones to build and publish the site anyway, all you will do is modify the contents of this Git.


The Knowledge Base website is built using MkDocs and several related extensions.

Pull requests are welcome, however in order to preview your changes, you must follow the instructions below:


You will need to ensure Python 3.6 is installed on your system.

If your system doesn't have it installed, you can either download directly or install from a Python version manager such as pyenv.

We utilise Pipenv and a Pipfile to ensure builds are consistent. If you don't already have Pipenv installed, please follow the official pipenv install instructions for you platform.

Installing Dependencies

Once've you installed the prerequisites, you must initialize your environment. From command line, this is done with:

pipenv install

You can then "activate" this environment with:

pipenv shell


Once your Pipenv environment is activated, you can simply execute:

mkdocs serve

Then open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:8000 in order to view your changes.


Tabletop Simulator documentation.



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