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Basic Installation

The simplest way to install the plugin is to use Atom's in-built package manager. In Atom's Settings, click on the Install panel, and then type "tabletop" into the search box and hit enter; the top hit should be the tabletopsimulator-lua package: install it.

Screenshot of Atom Settings panel

This will give you the newest official release of the package, and Atom will then keep it up-to-date whenever a new version becomes available.

Pre-Release Installation

Updates to the Atom package build up over time before being pushed out with a version update when Tabletop Simulator itself is updated. If you would like to receive updates as soon as they are merged into the Git repository then you can clone it to your computer and then update it at any time by pulling:

  1. Uninstall any version of this package you have installed in Atom (Settings->Packages->Click Uninstall)
  2. Install GitHub Desktop
  3. Install node.js
  4. On the GitHub page for the project hit Clone->Open In Desktop
  5. In GitHub Desktop go to Repository->Open command prompt (ignore warnings about no Git if you get them)
  6. Type apm link
  7. Type apm install
  8. You should be done! Fire up Tabletop Simulator and Atom and see if you can Get Lua Scripts

In future, to update your version simply run Github Desktop and hit Fetch origin / Pull. On the GitHub project page you can hit the Watch button at the top right to be notified when the repository is updated.

Development Installation

If you would like to be even more cutting-edge, or if you would like to develop your own improvements to the plugin, then you can install a fork of the main repo that is being worked on. Follow the instructions above, but instead of cloning the master version of the plug-in clone the fork you want. Note that while the Pre-Release version is likely to be stable (though not guaranteed!), Development versions are quite likely to be unstable. You have been warned!

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