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This file is listing all the files licenses from the point of the fork
from the Allacrost project.
Note: The licensing of the allacrost's files is assumed to be GPLv2 or later,
as told on the allacrost web site:
dat/effects/lightning.lua GPLv2 or later Bertram
dat/effects/particles/rain.lua GPLv2 or later roos + Bertram modifications
dat/effects/particles/snow.lua GPLv2 or later roos + Bertram modifications
dat/effects/particles/blue_firework.lua GPLv2 or later roos + Bertram modifications
dat/effects/particles/explosion.lua GPLv2 or later roos + Bertram modifications
dat/effects/particles/fire.lua GPLv2 or later roos + Bertram modifications
img/ambient/sandstorm.png: GPLv2 or later The Mana World Team + Bertram's modifications
img/effects/explosion.png GPLv2 or later Roos
img/effects/fire.png GPLv2 or later Roos
img/effects/flame1.png GPLv2 or later Roos
img/effects/flame2.png GPLv2 or later Roos
img/effects/flame3.png GPLv2 or later Roos
img/effects/flame4.png GPLv2 or later Roos
img/effects/flame5.png GPLv2 or later Roos
img/effects/flame6.png GPLv2 or later Roos
img/effects/flame7.png GPLv2 or later Roos
img/effects/flame8.png GPLv2 or later Roos
img/effects/outlined_circle_small.png GPLv2 or later Roos
snd/thunder.wav: Public domain
snd/lightning.wav: Public domain
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