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Connection to a local Dash daemon

In this scenario, you will use your own Dash daemon configured to serve JSON-RPC requests on your local network or any network you can access directly. The most convenient way to achieve this is to run a daemon on the same computer as the DMT application itself.

Install the Dash Core wallet

We will use the official Dash Core client as the Dash daemon for this configuration. Install it now if not already installed. Binary installers for macOS, Linux and Windows can be downloaded from the official site, while documentation on the installation process is available on the Dash Wiki.

Enable JSON-RPC and "indexing" in Dash Core

Set the required parameters in the dash.conf file

The default Dash Core configuration does not include all the required settings, so some changes to the dash.conf file are necessary. The location of this file varies depending on the operating system you are using and may be changed during installation, so paths will not be specified here due to possible confusion. Instead, select Tools -> Open Wallet Configuration File from the Dash Core menu. The dash.conf file will open in your default text editor.

Copy and paste the following parameters/values into the file, changing the rpcuser and rpcpassword values to your own unique values:


Restart Dash Core

Close Dash Core by selecting File -> Exit from the menu, then open it again.

Rebuild index

Setting parameters related to indexing and even restarting the application is not enough for Dash Core to entirely update its internal database to support indexing, so it is necessary to force the operation. These are steps to take:

  • Select the Tools -> Wallet Repair menu item.
  • Click the Rebuild index button in the Wallet Repair dialog box.
    Wallet repair rebuild index
  • Wait until the operation is complete. This step may take several hours.

Configure connection in the DMT

  • Open DMT and click the Configure button.
  • Select the Dash network tab.
  • Click the + (plus) button on the left side of the dialog.
  • Check the Enabled box.
  • Enter the following values:
    • RPC host:
    • port: 9998
    • RPC username: enter the value you specified for the rpcuser parameter in the dash.conf file.
    • RPC password: enter the value you specified for the rpcpassword parameter in the dash.conf file.
  • Make sure the Use SSH tunnel and SSL checkboxes remain unchecked. Also, if you decide to use only this connection, deactivate all other connections by unchecking the corresponding Enabled checkboxes.
    Direct connection configuration window
  • Click the Test connection button. If successful, DMT will return the following message:
    Connection successful