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# coding: utf-8
from HTMLParser import HTMLParser
from .models import Term
from django.conf import settings
from .exceptions import HTMLValidationWarning
class NeutralHTMLReconstructor(HTMLParser):
def reset(self):
self.out = []
def feed(self, data):
data = self.unescape(data)
HTMLParser.feed(self, data)
self.out = ''.join(self.out)
def concat_attrs(self, attrs):
return ''.join(' %s="%s"' % (attr[0], attr[1]) for attr in attrs)
def handle_startendtag(self, tag, attrs):
attrs = self.concat_attrs(attrs)
self.out.append('<%s%s />' % (tag, attrs))
def handle_starttag(self, tag, attrs):
attrs = self.concat_attrs(attrs)
self.out.append('<%s%s>' % (tag, attrs))
def handle_endtag(self, tag):
self.out.append('</%s>' % tag)
def handle_data(self, data):
def handle_comment(self, data):
self.out.append('<!--%s-->' % data)
def handle_decl(self, decl):
self.out.append('<!%s>' % decl)
def handle_pi(self, data):
self.out.append('<?%s>' % data)
def unknown_decl(self, decl):
self.out.append('<![%s]>' % decl)
class TermsHTMLReconstructor(NeutralHTMLReconstructor):
def reset(self):
self.tree_level = 0
self.opened_tags = []
self.disabled_level = None
self.variants_dict = Term.objects.variants_dict()
self.replace_dict = Term.objects.replace_dict()
self.replace_regexp = Term.objects.replace_regexp()
def allow_replacements(self):
return self.disabled_level is None
def replace_terms(self, html):
def translate(match):
before, name, after ='before'), \'name'), \'after')
replaced_name = self.replace_dict.get(name, name)
if TERMS_REPLACE_FIRST_ONLY and name in self.replace_dict:
for variant in self.variants_dict[name]:
del self.replace_dict[variant]
return before + replaced_name + after
return self.replace_regexp.sub(translate, html)
def handle_starttag(self, tag, attrs):
NeutralHTMLReconstructor.handle_starttag(self, tag, attrs)
self.opened_tags.append((tag, self.get_starttag_text(), self.getpos()))
self.tree_level += 1
dict_attrs = dict(attrs)
has_disabled_tag = tag in TERMS_IGNORED_TAGS
classes = frozenset(dict_attrs.get('class', '').split())
has_disabled_class = not classes.isdisjoint(TERMS_IGNORED_CLASSES)
has_disabled_id = dict_attrs.get('id', '') in TERMS_IGNORED_IDS
if self.allow_replacements and (has_disabled_tag or has_disabled_class
or has_disabled_id):
self.disabled_level = self.tree_level
def handle_endtag(self, tag):
opened_tag, full_start_tag, pos = self.opened_tags.pop()
# Adds the tag to HTML only if it has a start tag.
NeutralHTMLReconstructor.handle_endtag(self, tag)
except IndexError:
if settings.DEBUG:
lines = self.rawdata.split('\n')
line = self.getpos()[0]
lines = '\n'.join(lines[line - 2:line])
raise HTMLValidationWarning('unable to find the start tag '
'for </%s> in:\n\n%s'
% (tag, lines))
return None
if tag != opened_tag:
if settings.DEBUG:
lines = self.rawdata.split('\n')
start_line, end_line = pos[0], self.getpos()[0]
lines = '\n'.join(lines[start_line - 1:end_line])
raise HTMLValidationWarning('unable to find the end tag '
'for %s in:\n\n%s'
% (full_start_tag, lines))
self.tree_level -= 1 # We suppose the start tag is a start-end tag
# with its final '/' missing.
if self.disabled_level and self.disabled_level == self.tree_level:
self.disabled_level = None
self.tree_level -= 1
def handle_data(self, data):
if self.allow_replacements:
data = self.replace_terms(data)
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