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@@ -89,11 +89,6 @@ Template filter
A template filter is available to add links only on desired parts of
your website.
-.. note::
- If an error occurs, like every filter, it will fail silently.
- If this filter mysteriously has no effect, remove it, use the middleware,
- switch to ``DEBUG`` mode and see `Exceptions`_.
#. Choose one of your existing templates
#. Add ``{% load terms %}`` to the beginning of the file (just after
``{% extends '[file]' %}`` if you have one)
@@ -292,13 +287,10 @@ A few side effects are therefore happening during HTML reconstruction:
-These exceptions are only happening in `Middleware`_, since
-`Django filters should always fail silently
+:Raised by: `Middleware`_ only.
:Raised in: ``DEBUG`` mode. Otherwise the page is ignored by django-terms.
:Reason: This happens when django-terms is unable to resolve the current
``request.path`` to determine whether the application
@@ -309,6 +301,7 @@ Resolver404
+:Raised by: `Middleware`_ and `Template filter`_.
:Raised in: ``DEBUG`` mode. Otherwise we try to make terms replacements
work anyway.
:Reason: This happens when django-terms finds a problem in the architecture

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