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HyperRail, modified to use Linked Connections or LC2Irail as a backend
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Hyperrail for android

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Hyperrail for android is a native android app to provide realtime train information to Belgian travellers.

Licensed under the MPL-2 license, this project is Open Source compatible.

Hyperrail is based upon the iRail API, which can be found at, or at github at

note :This application is still under development, and might contain major bugs or unfinished features.


Clone this repository, then open it in android studio, and build the application.


Usage is straightforward. When launching the app, you will be greeted by a screen where you can search for stations. By using the navigation drawer, you can navigate to screens to search for routes, lookup disturbances, or adjust settings. The start screen can be adjusted in settings.

Bug reporting

Please report bugs on the github issue tracker.


In order to contribute, make a fork of the most recent code. Make your code adjustments in your fork, after which you can create a PR. In your PR, please describe what changed, and preferably, why it changed.

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