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HTML5 UP Dimension Template For Pico CMS

This is Dimension, a fun little one-pager with modal "pages" and a cool depth effect (click on a menu item to see what I mean). Simple, fully responsive, and kitted out with all the usual pre-styled elements you'd expect. Hope you dig it. :)


  1. Download the dimension folder and extract it to the themes folder of your Pico installation.

  2. Set your theme to dimension in Pico's config file:

    • For Pico 2.0+: Set theme: dimension in config.yml.
    • For older versions of Pico: Set $config['theme'] = 'dimension'; in config.php.
  3. Configure your front page using You can download our content-sample/, to use as a template, or just create your own. See content-sample/ for more information.

Upgrading Note

Older versions of Dimension required you to set Template: single in your markdown files. This is no longer required.

If you're upgrading Dimension, however, you'll have to remove that line from your markdown or you'll see an "Unable to find template" error when visiting those pages individually.



Dimension Screenshot