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Geeqie 1.5.1
- Bugfixes for release 1.5
- #626 - High CPU load with animated GIFs
- #683 - Build failuer on macOS
- #686 - Zoom lable adjustment
- #703 - non-glibc fix
- Lua compatibility
Geeqie 1.5
- Partial implementation of Hi-DPI-aware rendering of images
- Improved multi display full screen
- Use GPS lat/long to provide local time corrected for UTC offset and DST correction.
- Marks/image connections can optionally be saved in a text file
- Show star rating
- Search using regular expressions
- Replace GQView print dialog with GTK print dialog
- Plugins added
- Option to delete to standard trash folder and optimizing trash handling
- Display random image
- Allow LUA script support in sidebar
- Additional remote commands
And as usual:
- Many small improvements
- Many bug fixes
- Updated language support
Geeqie 1.4
- Improvement of GTK3 implementation
- Improved marks workflow
- Animate gifs (via context menu or key A)
- Compiles with gcc and clang
- Rectangular selections (activated by Alt-R)
- Folder bookmarks
- Search via geo position
- Thumbnail preview in dialogues
- Customisable tool bar
- Slideshow speed customisable while playing
- Many usability improvements
- Language updates
- Many small improvements
- Many bugfixes as usual
Geeqie 1.3
- Sort by creation date
- Enhancements in mouse less operation
- Rotation invariant duplication search
- Better zoom steps
- Easy access to working directory when copying ('.')
- Updated documentation
- Speed improvements
- Stability improvements
- Many bugfixes
Geeqie 1.2
- Support for lcms2
- Basic support for lua scripting
- limited map support
- Initial GTK 3 implementation
- Several bugfixes
Geeqie 1.1
- support for stereoscopic images
- input: side-by-side (JPS) and MPO format
- output: single image, anaglyph, SBS, mirror, SBS half size (3DTV)
- custom tiff loader - better handling of large tiff files
- rewritten file grouping
Geeqie 1.0
Comparing images side-to-side
Menu: View/Split/...
View/Connected Scroll
View/Connected Zoom
File marks
Each image can be marked with up to 6 different
flags, it is possible to convert marks to selection and vice versa,
even boolean operations are supported
Note: marks are visible in file list and fullscreen mode with info,
they are not visible in icon list (yet).
Menu: Select/Show Marks
Select/Mark ...
File grouping
It is possible to group files which have the same name and different extension,
and show them as one entry. Typical usage: raw + jpeg, raw + xmp.
Configuration: Preferences/Filtering
External commands
It is possible to replace internal copy/move/delete operations with
external commands, for example create hardlinks instead of copying files.
External editors handling was improved, it is possible to run an editor
on the best fitting file type, and the exit status is reported back
to Geeqie.
Configuration: Preferences/Editors
Menu: Edit/...
Controls redesign
Most of controls was added to menu and is handled via keyboard accelerators,
thus they can be configured in ~/.geeqie/accels
The default function of keys 1, 2, 3, ... was changed from zoom to mark toggle and
function of <ctrl>1, <ctrl>2, <ctrl>3, ... from external editor to selecting mark.
Exiv2 support
Geeqie can be optionally linked with exiv2 to improve support for image metadata.
Details are at
Various enhancements
* Customizable overlay info (see Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Full screen).
* Configurable frame around image (see Edit > Preferences > Image > Limit image size when autofitting).
* Custom border color around the image (see Edit > Preferences > Image > Custom border color).
* Honor selection while fullscreen navigation (patch by Uwe Ohse).
* Make properties tabs reorderable through drag'n drop (patch by Laurent Monin).
* Various exif improvements (see Edit > Preferences > Properties > Exif, based on patch by Uwe Ohse).
* Setting no limit size to trash directory is now possible using zero as value.
* Main configuration file was renamed from gqviewrc to geeqierc.
* Add the possibility to match duplicates on the name but ignoring the case (see Find Duplicates dialog).
* Add the possibility to print file names with path (see Path checkbox in the Text tab in the Print dialog).
* Histogram added to full screen overlay (press twice I to display, J to change mode, K for channels).
* Add support for some Samsung raw files (.pef) (need testing).
* In the collection view, display the full path to the file as tooltip when Show filename text is on.
* Secure rc file saving was implemented, it reduces the risk of corruption during the save.
* New Go to directory view feature that permits to find and display the directory corresponding to an image view.
* Hiding the self (.) directory from directory view is now possible (Edit > Preferences > Filtering > Show dot directory)
* Image postprocessing (rotation, color management and grayscale) is now done in pixbuf-renderer.
* Toggling Grayscale now applies to all images.
* Add zoom ratio display to OSD in fullscreen mode. It appears as [%zoom%] in fullscreen info string.
* Support for AdobeRGB colorspace
* Try to keep image orientation set by the user during the session.
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