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A discord bot that automatically creates and deletes voice channels when needed
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Setup guide | Support and news Discord server

Voice Manager is a simplistic bot, that allows your users to create new voice channels on demand!

Assign a lobby and everybody who enters this lobby will be placed in a newly created channel. Once everybody leaves this new channel - it gets deleted.

The bot will keep new channels in the same category as the lobby and will enable same user limits as the lobby.

Here's how it looks

List of available commands:

  • help (or empty mention) - shows help message
  • register - registers a voice chat that will be used as a lobby. You can feed it channel IDs or channel name
  • unregister - unregisters an existing lobby. You can feed it channel IDs or channel name
  • prefix - set a new prefix. Mentioning will still work
  • language - change language
  • list - lists all registered lobbies and how many new channels exist
  • stats - take a sneak peek on bot's performance!
  • support - sends an invite to support Discord server
Voice Manager stats on Discord Bot List
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