AMQP backend for eel (EventEmitter logging)
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AMQP backend for eel (EventEmitter logging)

Example usage

Create a handler and attach it the global log object during your application initialization:

var log = require('eel')
var handler = require('eel-stream')({
  appName: 'myapp',      // prepended to routing keys
  connection: {          // passed directly to amqp.createConnection
    host: 'localhost',
    port: 5672,
    login: 'guest',
    password: 'guest',
    vhost: '/',
  exchange: {             // passed dir
    name: 'logs',
    durable: true,
    autoDelete: false
  messageOpts: {          // these are the defaults
    deliveryMode: 2,
    contentType: 'application/json'

log.on('entry', require('eel-stream'))

JSON log entries will be published to your exchange using a routing key of {appName}.{entry.type}. E.g. - using the above config, log('request.end', {path: '/neato'}) will publish to the logs exchange with a routing key of myapp.request.end.

If you do not like or want this convention, you can override the routing key by including a routingKey member in your log entries.


node install eel-amqp