Welcome to the 21st century New York, build by the people, for the people. In this citizen created roadmap, we outline how to humanize technology, move beyond transparency for transparency's sake, and ensure we have government technology that works for the people, built with the people.
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UPDATE: As of Fall 2017, we are actively updating the People Roadmap through listing sessions and online discussion. If you have ideas to add to the Roadmap, please visit talk.beta.nyc and add your ideas!

This is the People's Roadmap to a Digital New York City landing page. For the past year, the BetaNYC community has met and worked on this document to properly frame how technology should be build. You can comment on this document via google doc.

If you find issues with the code or language, please file an issue.

Note that branch gh-pages is what shows on production http://NYCroadmap.us. Master is old, very, very old.

#How to Code for this Repo

  • Option A: Fork, Edit, then Pull Request when ready.
  • Option B: If in the BetaNYC brigade and you have write access to repo: Develop/test in your own branch, preferablly a feature-named-branch, and once it's ready for production, merge into gh-pages, which auto deploys to GitHub pages for BetaNYC.org

Also, it's nice if you merge/commit to gh-pages, that you let the team know in the #ops-roadmap Slack channel.

#License Apache License, Version 2.0 Creative Commons 4.0 By

#Attribution and Thanks This repo and the site codeforvirginiabeach.org uses Twitter Bootstrap and started from their Carousel jumbotron template. They are awesome.

#Issues, Questions, Wana Help? We take Pull Requests! See http://beta.nyc to get involved. If you live outside New York City, check out Code for America's Brigade Program. Don't forget to use github's issues if you see a problem or have a feature request.

#Contact You can contact the maintainer, Noel Hidalgo, at noel@beta.nyc or @betanyc.