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Auth0 - Logs to DataDog

This extension will take all of your Auth0 logs and export them to DataDog.

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This custom extension can be installed from the Extensions Gallery.

Auth0 Extensions


Because this is not an official extension, the assets are not hosted in the Auth0 CDN but on GitHub Pages.


Go to the logs section of your DataDog account and filter by source: auth0.


In order to build the extension locally you have to have NodeJS 6+ installed and run:

To install dependencies:

yarn install --ignore-engines

To bundle the app:

yarn build


If you haven't configured Webtask on your machine run this first:

npm install -g wt-cli
wt init

Deploy to

To run it on a schedule (run every 5 minutes for example):

yarn install && yarn build
wt cron create \
    --name auth0-logs-to-datadog \
    --schedule "*/5 * * * *" \

The following settings are optional:

  • LOG_LEVEL: This allows you to specify the log level of events that need to be sent.
  • LOG_TYPES: If you only want to send events with a specific type (eg: failed logins). This needs to be a comma separated list.

You can get your Global Client Id/Secret here:


The LOG_LEVEL can be set to (setting it to a value will also send logs of a higher value):

  • 1: Debug messages
  • 2: Info messages
  • 3: Errors
  • 4: Critical errors

The LOG_TYPES filter can be set to:

  • s: Success Login (level: 1)
  • ssa: Success Silent Auth (level: 1)
  • fsa: Failed Silent Auth (level: 3)
  • seacft: Success Exchange (level: 1)
  • feacft: Failed Exchange (level: 3)
  • f: Failed Login (level: 3)
  • w: Warnings During Login (level: 2)
  • du: Deleted User (level: 1)
  • fu: Failed Login (invalid email/username) (level: 3)
  • fp: Failed Login (wrong password) (level: 3)
  • fc: Failed by Connector (level: 3)
  • fco: Failed by CORS (level: 3)
  • con: Connector Online (level: 1)
  • coff: Connector Offline (level: 3)
  • fcpro: Failed Connector Provisioning (level: 4)
  • ss: Success Signup (level: 1)
  • fs: Failed Signup (level: 3)
  • cs: Code Sent (level: 0)
  • cls: Code/Link Sent (level: 0)
  • sv: Success Verification Email (level: 0)
  • fv: Failed Verification Email (level: 0)
  • scp: Success Change Password (level: 1)
  • fcp: Failed Change Password (level: 3)
  • sce: Success Change Email (level: 1)
  • fce: Failed Change Email (level: 3)
  • scu: Success Change Username (level: 1)
  • fcu: Failed Change Username (level: 3)
  • scpn: Success Change Phone Number (level: 1)
  • fcpn: Failed Change Phone Number (level: 3)
  • svr: Success Verification Email Request (level: 0)
  • fvr: Failed Verification Email Request (level: 3)
  • scpr: Success Change Password Request (level: 0)
  • fcpr: Failed Change Password Request (level: 3)
  • fn: Failed Sending Notification (level: 3)
  • limit_wc: Blocked Account (level: 4)
  • limit_ui: Too Many Calls to /userinfo (level: 4)
  • api_limit: Rate Limit On API (level: 4)
  • sdu: Successful User Deletion (level: 1)
  • fdu: Failed User Deletion (level: 3)

So, for example, if I want to filter on a few events I would set the LOG_TYPES filter to: sce,fce,scu,fcu.

Issue Reporting

If you have found a bug or if you have a feature request, please report them at this repository issues section.


Paul Pop


This project is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.