Best Current Practices regarding secure online communication and configuration of services using cryptography.
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First off: you are welcome to help us! Every reviewer, committer and person interested in discussing our document and changes is a valuable addition to the project. Everybody is invited to work on this document and share their experience and expertise with us or ask questions if something isn't clear to them. Please read CONTRIBUTING document for more information.


Anonymous (read-only) git cloning:

$ git clone

As a registered user:

$ git clone https://<myuser>

Where <myuser> is your username on the server. Ask for write permissions if you need them.

Committing changes you made (from within repo-directory):

$ git commit -a
$ git push origin master

Receive latest updates for a previously cloned repository (from within repo-directory):

$ git pull


Fork and issue pull requests. Those will be reviewed and if accepted pushed to the main repository hosted on


MacTeX misses mweights.sty and may cause a compile error.

sudo tlmgr install mweights


channel: #bettercrypto network: freenode


  • If you reviewed the document and/or made some changes, please add your name to src/acknowledgements.tex (the list of names is sorted alphabetically by last name).
  • Send many smaller commits (pull requests) and not one big one! Big ones tend to be delayed. It's hard to process a huge commit. We need to review everything, please remember.
  • Please also read the FAQ!!