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A script that replaces outdated AOSP apps and adds useful tools to LineageOS.
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A script that replaces outdated AOSP apps and adds useful tools to LineageOS.

Download a prebuilt ROM for the Google Pixel here.

Add betterlineage.xml to local_manifests and add their name to CUSTOM_PACKAGES when compiling LineageOS with Docker.

Example build script here.

APKs are stored in this repository.

They are all sourced from F-Droid except for OpenWeatherMap Weather Provider (located here), and Aurora Services (located here).


Default home screen          Default apps

Installed Apps:

  • AdAway
  • Aurora Store (includes Aurora Services)
  • DAVx5
  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser
  • Etar (replaces AOSP Calendar)
  • F-Droid (includes Privileged Extension)
  • Material Files
  • The microG Suite (includes Mozilla+NominatimNlpBackend and DroidGuard Helper)
  • MuPDF Viewer
  • Omni Notes
  • Open Camera (replaces Lineage Snap/AOSP Camera2)
  • OpenWeatherMap Weather Provider
  • Privacy Friendly Net Monitor
  • QKSMS (replaces AOSP Messages)
  • SecScanQR
  • Unlock Counter Wallpaper from Google Digital Wellbeing Experiments

Removed Apps:

  • Lineage AudioFX
  • AOSP Calendar
  • AOSP Camera2
  • Lineage Jelly
  • AOSP Messages
  • Lineage Snap


Feel free to submit pull requests in this repository.

Feel free to contact me at contact [at] quint5 [dot] tech.

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