Calva: Clojure & Clojurescript interactive programming made easy - Evaluate code, run tests, navigate to definitions, see docs, interactive REPLs, etcetera.
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Calva: Clojure & ClojureScript support for VS Code

Integrated REPL, linting, inline eval, test runner, and more. Powered by Cider & nRepl.

About the name: Calva is short for Calvados, a liquid gifted to humanity from God. It is made from cider.

Raison d´être

Try to bring some of the Emacs CIDER experience to VS Code. Supporting both Clojure and ClojureScript. Hopefully lowering the barriers to the Clojarian world. If we can bring some productive concepts from other Clojure dev environments, like Cursive, to VSCode as well, we will.

How to use

Calva connects to a running nrepl session, so you need to start that outside Calva, then connect (ctrl+alt+v c).

It has dependencies on tools/nrepl and cider/nrepl. Please make sure to read the Getting started page on the wiki to get instructions and information on how to unlock the power of the REPL inside your editor.

Demo: evaluate inline

Annotate clojure code evaluation!


At a glance

  • Evaluate code inline
  • Run tests
  • Integrated repls (using the VS Code Terminal)
  • Intellisense
  • Underlining compile-time errors
  • Go to / Peek at definition
  • View docstrings on hover
  • View function signatures on hover
  • Supports all clojure filetypes, clj, cljc and cljs.
  • Easy toggle between clj and cljs repl for cljc files
  • Autoindent according to:
  • Enables clj evaluation of clojure code in all files (e.g. Markdown, etcetera).
  • Support for shadow-cljs.

Demo: switch between clj and cljs repl sessions for cljc files:

CLJC repl switching

More in depth (and some usage info)

  • Running tests through the REPL connection, and mark them in the Problems tab
    • Run namespace tests: ctrl+alt+v t
    • Run all tests: ctrl+alt+v shift+t
    • Rerun previously failing tests: ctrl+alt+v ctrl+t
    • Marks test failures using the Problem tab
    • User setting for running namespace tests on save (defaults to on)
    • Caveat: Right now the tests are reported only when all are run, making it painful to run all tests in larger projects. I'll fix it. Promise!
  • Code evaluation
    • Evaluate code at cursor and show the results as annotation in the editor: ctrl+alt+v e
      • Dismiss the display of results by pressing ctrl+escape.
    • Evaluate code and replace it in the editor, inline: ctrl+alt+v r
    • Pretty printing evaluation resuls: ctrl+alt+v p
    • Evaluate current top level form (based on where the cursor is) and show resluts inline: ctrl+alt+v space
      • Send the current top level form to the REPL terminal: ctrl+alt+v alt+space
    • Error information when evaluation fails (at least a hint)
    • Support for cljc files and you can choose if they should be evaluated by the clj or the cljc repl session.
    • Enables clj repl for all files/editors. You now can evaluate those clojure code snippets in Markdown files.
    • The evaluation commands will auto-”detect” vectors and maps as well as list.
    • User setting to evaluate namespace on save/open file (defaults to on)
  • Integrated REPLs using the Terminal tab
    • Switch to current namespace in the terminal REPL: ctrl+alt+v n
    • Load current namespace in the terminal REPL: ctrl+alt+v alt+n
    • Evaluate code from the editor to the terminal REPL: ctrl+alt+v alt+e
  • When editing cljc files, easily choose if repl commands should go to the clj or cljs repl by clicking the cljc/clj[s] indicator in the status bar.
  • Selection of current form: ctrl+alt+v s. Auto-detected the same way as for evaluation. Will select the form preceding or following the cursor first, otherwise the form the cursor is inside. (Only when the cursor is directly adjacent to any bracket so far.)

Demo: Peek at defintions, etcetera:


Demo: lint errors are marked in the editor. (As are unit test failures)

underline error

Calva Paredit and Calva Formatter included

With Calva you also get structural editing, from Calva Paredit and formatting, through Calva Formatter.

You really should have a look at the READMEs for those as well. One thing to note about it is that Calva Formatter sets the default keybinding of the Format current form command to tab. Good to know, right? Please check that README before you change the keybinding.

Future Stuff

There are lots of stuff that needs attention and lots of possible features to add. The following is not a comprehensive list:

  • Test reporting while tests are being run.
  • Open as many REPLs as you like.
  • Custom user commands to execute over the REPL connection.
  • Commands to start the REPLs from VS Code, injecting dependencies automatically.
  • List symbols in the current file.
  • Let us know what you want. PRs welcome, file an issue or tweet: @pappapez


Built on Visual Clojure

Calva started off as a clone of the promising (but abandoned) visual:clojure extension.

How to contribute

Calva is being ported to a combination of TypeScript and ClojureScript. The ClojureScript part uses the shadow-cljs toolchain. See the How to Contribute page on the wiki for instructions on how to hack on Calva.

Happy coding

I hope you will find tons of use for this extension! Please let us know what you think or want. PRs welcome, file an issue or chat me (@pez) up in the #editors channel of the Clojurians Slack. Tweeting @pappapez works too.