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Using Calva with Remote Development

VS Code Remote Development is a new feature in version 1.35 of VS Code that allows a developer to use a container, remote machine, or the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) as a full-featured development environment.

I would recommend reading the introductory blog post and watching the videos. I find the feature extremely exciting and wish more IDEs would implement something like it.

From a Clojure perspective it allows you to have VS Code installed on your Java-less, Clojure-less hardware and still use it to develop Clojure through it.

A use-case

  • for some reason your physical computer has to be running Windows (organisational rules etc.)
  • your deployment environment is Linux
  • you want to edit files in an editor running on your physical computer
  • most Clojure tooling is made with *nix first in mind and there are incompatibilities with Windows

Steps I took to try Calva with remote development in WSL

Disclaimer: I only went as far as trying it in a very basic scenario so I don't know yet if there are any caveats down the line.

  1. Windows 10 Home
  2. Enable WSL
  3. Install Ubuntu in WSL
  4. Install Java in WSL
  5. Install latest Clojure in WSL
  6. Install the Remote - WSL extension in VS Code
  7. Launch remote window
  8. Install Calva (gets installed into the WSL instance)
  9. Work away
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