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Something to Try First (After Connecting)

You might want to start with evaluating some code. This preferably starts with Loading Current File and Dependencies, ctrl+alt+c enter.

Then... Calva has this notion about the ”current” form. Issue the Evaluate Current Form Inline command, ctrl+alt+c e (ctrl+alt+c v on Windows) with the cursor placed in different locations to get a feeling for how the current form is determined. Dismiss the results display with esc.

There is also a command for evaluating the current top level form. Good for evaluating various defs defn, defthis, defthat. With your cursor placed anywhere inside such a form, issue the Evaluate Current Top Level Form (defun) command (ctrl+alt+c space).

The Top Level command also works inside (comment ...) forms, treating the comment as creating a new top level context. It is good for in-file code experimentation. To use it place the cursor inside a form contained inside a (comment...) and issue the command from there. It looks something like so:

Comment top level form evaluation!

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