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betxoin.includes Update Mar 6, 2019

What is BETXOIN?

Online betting platform with it's own digital currency, offering security, safety, and benefits. The project is designed to be attractive for investors as well as for betting fans.

BETXOIN is an open decentralized blockchain-based on a payment system in the cryptocurrency form which uses anonymous transactions mechanism. It is an anonymous coin with a two-tier system. Its creation and support are carried out electronically on a PC. Centralized management is absent; thus, the emission is produced by the miners receiving payment as BETXOIN tokens (coins) form when forming new transaction units. All cryptocurrency existence parameters determine the algorithms which are launched by numerous individual PCs and ensure its network is decentralization. BETXOIN is a decentralized currency doesn't have a centralized power which controls it. That is why capping the money in such a way is impossible as well as deactivating the accounts or blocking its transactions. In fact, the participants are like the owners of their own banks. BETXOIN is easy to use and it's simple to become a private project trader.

Key features BETXOIN:

  1. BETXOIN payment system is private, and this is its main advantage. All payments in BETXOIN are completely anonymous. There will be no traces of transactions. Bitcoin users are forced to put up with the payments publication in blockchain due to which the money transferring is to be can available for all. BETXOIN uses anonymization technology, therefore, the result is privacy, typically for cash payments only.
  2. The system can't be hacked: Masternode uses a decentralized network which makes the cryptocurrency maximally safe.
  3. BETXOIN ecosystem provides minimum fees, in some cases fees may be absent. covers a wide range of sports and leagues with up to 50 000 bets available to bet on every weekend of the season in only "England soccer" category.

We offer a wide range of opportunities to bet on international sports events, E-sports and even politics.

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