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Angular 2 BeyondScheme Discussion Portal


This project is a discussion portal written in Angular 2 which periodically pulls data from backend to keep fresh data on UI without refreshing the page.

It is derived from the official Angular 2 Documentation which can be found here.

Quick demo:


Follow the following steps.

0: Install npm, typescript and json server

npm install -g json-server
npm install -g typescript

1: Clone repo

git clone

2: Install packages

npm install

3: Start server (includes auto refreshing) and gulp watcher

npm start

Port bindings

Json-server is bind to port 3000, lite server to port 8000 (application is visible at this port) and BrowserSync (used by lite server) to port 8001. You can change lite server and BrowserSync ports in bs-config.json. Json-server port can be changed in package.json file by changing:

"start": "concurrent \"json-server --watch db.json\" \"npm run gulp\" \"npm run lite\" " to:

"start": "concurrent \"json-server --watch db.json --port NEW_PORT\" \"npm run gulp\" \"npm run lite\" "

Please remember that when you change json-server port you have to fix urls in files:

About Beyond Scheme

Angular 2 discussion portal is maintained by

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