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Centralized repo for EnOS based benchmarks on Neutron. This includes a collection of scripts/examples/docs.

Currently the tests are made on vbox but having everything in this centralized place would ease the transition to Grid'5000 in the future.

Run on vagrant(vbox) on your local machine

Run enos deploy

NB: the configuration is set to use an external persistent registry. You can start one on the host machine :

docker run -e "REGISTRY_PROXY_REMOTEURL=" -p --name registry -ti registry:2

Run on vagrant(vbox) on a remote Grid'5000 machine

Rationale: bootstrap a vagrant(vbox) environment for testing/debugging purpose on Grid'5000 (because we have bigger machine there)


  • enoslib

Run on Grid'5000 natively (bare metal machines)

Run enos deploy -f reservation.yml

Run newest rally-openstack scenarios

Use case: run the following (unmerged) rally scenario :

In this particular case we can't do it from EnOs directly because the patch isn't a rally plugin (some core file seems modified -- ). Instead we'll have to run rally from the sources.

  1. Install rally, the regular way [0] as a non-root user.
  1. Install rally-openstack from the source. Checkout the right patchset:
source ~/rally/bin/activate
git clone
cd rally-openstack
git fetch refs/changes/81/662781/5 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD
pip install -U -e .
  1. Add the existing deployment [1]

And run a task:

rally task start samples/tasks/scenarios/neutron/create-and-bind-ports.yaml

Enable osprofiler in the deployment

In reservation.yaml:

  enable_osprofiler: true
  enable_elasticsearch: true

Related Rally documentation [3]

Note that the HMAC key is hard-coded in EnOS: OSPROFILER_HMAC_KEY=79cca0a7b4fe3022077f1e1291dfccf9. ( One can check the current/password.yml)

To retrieve a trace, you need elasticsearch client installed:

pip install "elasticsearch>=2.0.0,<3.0.0"

The trace can be retrieved using:

osprofiler trace show --html --out trace.html 2931c692-3f37-43db-982a-692e37cc1e96 --connection-string elasticsearch://
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