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This project supply a usable infrastructure in order to make tests around Openstack using CockroachDB as a backend for its services.
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This project supplies a usable environment in order to make tests around OpenStack/pike using CockroachDB as a backend for its services.

List of current supported services:

  • Keystone

This project is developed in the context of the Inria Discovery initiative. You may find an explanation of modifications performed in this repository on the Discovery Blog.

Getting started

Set up the environment

Deploying your VM(s)

To run this project you have to install vagrant. Once installed, deploy your VM(s) and run Devstack using vagrant up --provision. Devstack then deploys OpenStack with CockroachDB for supported services and PostgreSQL otherwise.

Once the shell displays the following message:

TASK [Start of Devstack deployment] ********************************************
ok: [cockroachdb] => {
    "msg": [
        "Follow deployment with:",
        "vagrant ssh cockroachdb -- tail -f /tmp/stack-logs"

Run the command vagrant ssh cockroachdb -- tail -f /tmp/stack-logs in another shell to follow the deployment of OpenStack.

Deploying on Grid5000 platform.

You can easily deploy this project on Grid5000 platform using vagrant-g5k plugin.

  • vagrant up --provider=g5k

Jump onto your VM and start using OpenStack cli

  • Jump onto you WM using vagrant ssh.
  • Start to use the OpenStack cli by switching to stack user with sudo su stack.
  • Once here you can use OpenStack cli to create a new project for instance openstack project create keystone --or-show
  • You can also use Rally to run some scenarii over Keystone (e.g. rally task start /opt/stack/rally/samples/tasks/scenarios/keystone/create-and-delete-user.yaml)


Until now, this project is only deploying Keystone service with CockroachDB as backend.

Future work

  • Make some benchmark to show out differences with a standard mysql-backended Keystone.
  • Expand this tool to other OpenStack services.


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