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BeyondTrust AD Bridge Open

BeyondTrust AD Bridge Open has several goals:

  1. Simplify the process of joining non-Microsoft hosts to Active Directory domains.
  2. Simplify the management of these hosts.
  3. Provide a rich development platform for writing applications in heterogeneous networks.

Instructions on building pbis-open

The pbis-open build uses makekit ( While the code is portable among a variety of *nix based platforms (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and OS X), this build system is primarily intended for Linux & FreeBSD platforms.

Before you begin, please read over this list of prerequisite development packages (depending on your Linux distro):


  • gcc glibc-devel pam-devel flex bison rpm-build rpm-devel popt-devel libxml2-devel autoconf automake libtool

Optional packages:

  • libglade2-devel - To build domainjoin-gui GTK application
  • 32bit development tools and libraries for compatibility packages when building on x86_64
    • glibc-devel.i686 libgcc.i686 pam-devel.i686


  • build-essential fakeroot devscripts debhelper autoconf automake libtool flex bison libpam0g-dev libxml2-dev libpopt-dev

Optional packages:

  • libglade2-dev - To build domainjoin-gui GTK application
  • 32bit development tools and libraries for compatibility packages when building on x86_64
    • libc6-dev-i386 gcc-multilib libpam0g-dev:i386
    • ia32-libs - replaced by lib32z1

Note: The default version of awk on some Ubuntu systems has a known bug which causes it to segfault when attempting to build. You can work around this by installing GNU awk:

sudo apt-get install gawk

See for details

The easiest way to begin a build is to run:

$ mkdir debug && cd debug
$ ../configure --debug
$ make -jXX package  ## where XX is 2x CPU cores

This will build the necessary binaries and libraries and package them up into DEBs or RPMs in the pbis-open/debug/package/ directory.

If you do not want to install using packages, you can do the following instead, but be sure to read the note below:

$ make -jXX
$ sudo make install

You may view the complete set of configure options by running

$ ../configure --help

To generate a release tarball, run "build/mkdist" with pbis-open as your working directory.

Note: When not installing using the local package managers (DEB or RPM), you will need to start lwsmd and import registry files manually:

$ sudo /etc/init.d/lwsmd start
$ sudo bash -c 'for file in /opt/pbis/share/config/*.reg; do \
  /opt/pbis/bin/regshell import $file; \
$ sudo /etc/init.d/lwsmd reload

BeyondTrust AD Bridge Registry Service

The AD Bridge Registry Service (lwregd) is the configuration data store used by all AD Bridge services. AD Bridge provides several ways to view and modify the registry settings: - /opt/pbis/bin/edit-reg - /opt/pbis/bin/regshell

edit-reg allows you to modify registry settings in your preferred text editor. For example:

$ sudo /opt/pbis/bin/edit-reg

regshell provides the ability to interactively display and modify settings. For example:

$ sudo /opt/pbis/bin/regshell
> cd hkey_this_machine\\services

hkey_this_machine\services> dir

hkey_this_machine\services> cd lsass

hkey_this_machine\services\lsass> dir
Arguments    REG_SZ   "lsassd --syslog"
Dependencies REG_SZ   "netlogon lwio lwreg rdr"
Description  REG_SZ    "Security and Authentication Subsystem"
Path         REG_SZ    "/opt/pbis/sbin/lsassd"
Type         REG_DWORD 0x00000001 (1)


NOTE: incorrectly configuring the PBIS registry can prevent PBIS from starting and/or prevent user authentication. Use caution when modifying existing settings.

BeyondTrust AD Bridge Service Manager

The AD Bridge Service Manager (lwsmd) provides a service control architecture for starting and stopping all AD Bridge daemons and drivers based on a dependency graph.

The lwsmd daemon itself is managed using the standard SysV init script:

$ /etc/init.d/lwsmd start
* Starting PBIS Service Manager: lwsmd              [ OK ]

Only the registry service (lwregd) is hard coded to be started initially. The user space CLI for managing services is the "lwsm" utility.

$ lwsm list
lwreg       running (standalone: 19415)
dcerpc      running (standalone: 19453)
eventlog    stopped
lsass       running (standalone: 19475)
lwio        running (standalone: 19438)
rdr         running (io: 19438)
srv         running (io: 19438)
pvfs        running (io: 19438)
npfs        running (io: 19438)
netlogon    running (standalone: 19468)
srvsvc      running (standalone: 19529)

$ lwsm info lsass
Service: lsass
Description: PBIS Security and Authentication Subsystem
Type: executable
Autostart: no
Path: /opt/pbis/sbin/lsassd
Arguments: 'lsassd' '--syslog'
Dependencies: netlogon lwio lwreg rdr

$ lwsm stop lsass
Stopping service reverse dependency: srvsvc
Stopping service reverse dependency: srv
Stopping service: lsass

$ lwsm start srvsvc
Starting service dependency: lsass
Starting service dependency: srv
Starting service: srvsvc

Getting Help

The main PBIS Open web site is at GitHub. From here you will find links to the project forums, and pre-built package downloads.


PowerBroker Open is an open source community project sponsored by BeyondTrust Software, Inc.




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